We’re Now Moe Convo Blog & Podcast!

Thank you so SO much for your support of Get It In Your Ears! It has meant the world to me!

I am so happy to announce that the winds of change are bring some really exciting updates to Get It In You Ears blog as we expand into Moe Convo blog & PODCAST!!! Moe Convo will be an independent music blog & podcast fueled by conversation, cocktails, and cigars! Each episode we chat all things music! From what we’re listening to, to what we’re sipping on, the cigars we’re sparking up, what instruments we’re learning to play, and talking to music lovers and creators from all walks of life! At Moe Convo, it’s all about the positivity that music has to offer! Join me on this adventure as we share and celebrate all that is good when it comes to album reviews, concert and festival experiences, and the talented artists out there making the music we know and love! We are gonna learn, we’re gonna laugh, we’re gonna have a freaking BLAST!!!

Moe Convo will be available on Apple Podcast, iTunes, Spotify & IHeart Radio! Also please be sure to support Moe Convo on Patreon & on all social media platforms!!

If you have any suggestions on bands I should be talking to, or an instrument you want to learn about let me know at moeconvopodcast@gmail.com & I’ll do my best to make it happen!

See you in the pit!!!

Head on over to www.moeconvopodcast.com for previous Get It In Your Ears content & so much more!